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(20 points) a major topic when talking about politics and economics is the health of the economy. political candidates often run for office proclaiming what they will do to improve the nation’s economy and the economic opportunities available for all americans. but what does that mean? how do people and economists determine whether an economy is healthy or not? this unit contains the answers to these questions. it examines the tools for economic data and measurement. think about your community. for you and your family, what does it mean for the country to have a strong or healthy economy? what does it mean for the country to have a weak economy? what are some actions that can turn a weak economy into a strong economy? Get the answer
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(20 points) how do the nucleus, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, and the golgi apparatus all work together? write a sentence using all terms


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(20 points)liberalism and socialism winston s. churchill (st. andrew's hall, glasgow, october 11, 1906) the first indispensable condition of democrati


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(20 points, please answer soon!!) what effect did the crusades have on the spread of muslim advances in science and medicine in the middle ages?