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(10 points) a single crystal in the titanium cable is oriented so that the [001] direction is parallel to the applied load. if that load creates a normal stress of 100 mpa in that crystal, what is the resolved shear stress in (011) plane in the [01?] (= zero, one, one-bar) direction? (note: this part of the question is independent from the conditions for parts a- Get the answer
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(10 points) compare and contrast these four functions using complete sentences. focus on the slope and y-intercept first, and then on any additional p


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(10 points) consider the initial value problem y?+3y=9t, y(0)=7. take the laplace transform of both sides of the given differential equation to create


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(10 points) in a bag there are 7 red marbles, 3 yellow marbles and 2 blue marble. what is the probability that a blue marble will be selected on the f