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(1)"i have a dream" is the most clever speech i've ever read. (2)dr. king uses allusions to history in his writing. (3)reference to american songs and history adds depth to the argument. (4)king also refers to the bible in his speech. which line contains subjective language? Get the answer
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(1)31 section b(1)21. on a numberline, find thenumber which is 6 places right to -31.22. find the value of (8-2) + ( 2-8).23. replace * by <> o


Giiwedin Frigyes 1 Hours ago

(1)a robot is a machine that is able to perform a variety of tasks through the use of a computer. (2)this computer is programmed to control movements


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(1)as a cloud of gas and dust collapses on itself and becomes more dense, the temperature at the center of the cloud a, increase b, decrease, c, stay