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(1) another problem associated with wind turbinesis their effect on humans senses of sight and hearing many wind turbines stand more than 200 feet tall (2) they tower over their natural surroundings they ruin the natural landscape (3) people who live near wind turbines also have criticized the noisies associated with wind turbines a machine like sound and the sound of the blades cutting through the air the writer wants to add the following sentence to the paragraph whats the best place for this sentence in this paragraph furthermore some people have reported feeling vibrations from the wind turbines? a) after point 1 b) before point2 c) after point 3 d) before point 1 Get the answer
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(1) the media plays a  powerful role in shaping   .   (2) verbalize the government websites  help you to  accurately analyze  health messages delivere


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(1) y = x - 4 (2) 5x + y = 20 to solve the system by substitution, substitute x - 4 for y in equation (2). 5x + = 20 submit skip (you cannot come bac


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(1) you are limas / smaiti of lotus international school jodpur your school has decided to contribute in controlling traffic near your school and requ