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(1) tremendous growth has strained hays county in a number of ways. they include traffic, congested roads, housing construction, and water supplies. (2) hays county is home to over 105,000 people, and it is growing each day. it has seen a 50 percent increase in population since 1990, and that trend shows no sign of slacking off. the boom has placed a burden on everything from roads to schools. even the courts are not exempt. (3) that growth has strained the quality of justice in hays. it is one of the fastest growing counties in texas and the nation. the county has only one courtroom for district court in its makeshift justice center. the center is a former supermarket converted to courtrooms and offices. it is a block from the courthouse square in san marcos. hays officials are not indifferent to the problems. county government long ago outgrew the old stone courthouse in the square. (4) hays is in a judicial district that includes comal and caldwell counties. only one courtroom is for felony cases in san marcos. this postpones criminal cases for lengthy periods, and civil cases have difficulty getting set at all. on wednesday, an article in the american statesmen noted that frustrated people are paying $300 to rent a private meeting hall to have cases heard. (5) the court system has an obligation to provide fair and speedy justice. it also has an incentive to move defendants out of the county jails system, which is expensive to maintain. to help ease these obligations, the commissioners court has approved taking over an auto parts store in addition to the existing justice center. it will provide much needed relief. 8 which fact from the article specifically supports the central idea that growth in hays county is extremely rapid? a. the commissioner's court has allowed expansion into an auto parts store. b. at this time, hays county has only one courtroom for district court. c. hays county is in a judicial district with both comal and caldwell counties. d. hays county has experienced a 50% increase in population since 1990. Get the answer
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(1) we usually do not think of animals talking, but they do make sounds. some fish can make sounds by grinding together the bony parts of their throat


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(1) what are the zeros of the graph below?-87-y=x2-422301x = -2o x= -1 & x = 2o x=0&x= -2


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(1) what is the most common way for a dead organism to avoid decomposition? (2) why do researchers look for fossils in places that are now dry and ba