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"backyard birdwatchers enjoy getting acquainted with the birds they see at their feeders or during a neighborhood stroll. more dedicated birders thrill at every new entry on their life list and eagerly journey far and wide in search of new species. watchers at all levels regularly contribute to scientific discoveries through bird counts and careful observations." what is the implied main idea of this reading? Get the answer
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"bb" genotype is considered: 1.) a - true breed 2.) b - hybrid 3.) c - homozygous 4.) d - heterozygous 5.) both a & b 6.) both a & c 7.) both


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"be it resolved by the people of alabama in convention assembled, that the people of the states of delaware, maryland, virginia, north carolina, south


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"beauty and the beast" from disneys beauty and the beast poetry terms: denotation, connotation, rhyme, mood, and simile 1. give an example of how deno