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(1) american peace corps volunteers work with the people in less fortunate countries. (2) these volunteers try to help the people in these countries solve their problems. (3) many of the countries are over-populated, and have problems with hunger and poor health care (4) the children can't get a good education, and life expectancy for the nepalese is short (5) the volunteers work side-by-side with the people. (6) they help with farming, education, and health issues. nepal is one of the countries that the peace corps volunteers visit. nepal is a country about the size of arkansas. it lies between india and tibet. the country has many problems. most of those who live in rural areas can't even get clean water. which word or phrase best connects paragraph 1 with paragraph 2? oa. after ob. as an example, oc. next to, od. consequently, please help hurry:( Get the answer
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(1) bob dylan is the songwriter who opened up the doors of possibility to all who followed. (2) he was the mysterious bard with a guitar who sent out


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(1) calculate the buoyant force on a 2.00-l helium balloon. (2) given the mass of the rubber in the balloon is 1.50 g, what is the net vertical force


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(1) classify angle 4 and angle 10 as corresponding, alternate interior, alternate exterior, or consecutive interior angles. (2) then, name the transv