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(1 point) 5. a ball is thrown and it follows a parabolic path. at each horizontal distance (x) the following equation models the ball's height (y). y=0.2x2 +0.4x +3 what will the height of the ball be at a horizontal distance of 5 feet? o 10 05 012 06 Get the answer
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(1 point) a group of 15 hunters wait for ducks to fly by. when a flock of ducks flies overhead, the hunters all fire at the same time, each selecting


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(1 point) a man claims to have extrasensory perception (esp). as a test, a fair coin is flipped 25 times, and the man is asked to predict the outcome


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(1 point) a spring with a spring constant k of 100 pounds per foot is loaded with 1-pound weight and brought to equilibrium. it is then stretched an a