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(1 pc 4. if you have a document that is relevant to more than one folder on your computer, what should you do? save the document to the most appropriate folder. save the document in each folder. save the document in my documents rather than in one of the folders. save the document to libraries. Get the answer
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(1 point) 15. column 1 would be on the x-axis, and column 2 would be on the y-axis. which best lists the titles of each column? column 1 should be ti


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(1 point) 5. how many more books do you need to read over the summer if you already read 4 books and you need to read a total of 16 books? write an e


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(1 point) 8. department a occupies 12,000 square feet, department b occupies 6,000 square feet, and department c occupies 18,000 square feet. what pe