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(06.03 mc) use the chart below to answer the questions: country population (1997 estimate) area (square km) u. s. 272,648,000 9,364,520 denmark 5,248,000 42,077 ghana 18,339,000 237,533 which of these countries has the greatest population density? which has the least? provide an explanation and proof for your answer to receive full credit. Get the answer
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(06.03) a student wants to report on the number of movies her friends watch each week. the collected data are below: 2 14 1 2 0 1 0 2 which measure of


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(06.03)which of the following is true of the data represented by the box plot? (2 points)1009080706050403020100a. the data is skewed to the bottom and


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(06.04 hc) a figure is located at (2, 0), (2, ?2), and (6, 0) on a coordinate plane. what kind of 3-d shape would be created if the figure was rotated