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"and may each clime with equal gladness see a monarch's smile can set his subjects free!" wheatley uses the word free in these lines to suggest that the king’s subjects could live without rules. the king’s subjects had previously been in captivity. the king will make decisions that are to his subjects’ advantage. the king has the potential to make his subjects happy. Get the answer
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"angela borrowed $5,000 for five years at an apr of 6.2 percent. the loan calls for equal, annual principal payments. interest will also be paid annua


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"anne's bakery purchased a lot in oil city 6 years ago at a cost of $302,000. today, that lot has a market value of $365,000. at the time of the purch


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"any process used to ask and answer testable questions about observations of the natural world" defines which term? o scientific consensus o scientif