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(05.03)lisa has to cut her grandma's grass this weekend and wants to know exactly how much area she will be cutting. calculate the area of the polygon. be sure to show all your work and explain your answer. six-sided polygon that includes two isosceles right triangles, one with height and base of 20 feet, the other height and base of 6 feet, and one rectangle measuring 30 feet by 6 feet. Get the answer
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(05.04 lc) look at the image, read, and choose the option with the correct word to complete the sentence. mi es la madre de la madre de mi mamá.


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(05.04 lc) which of the following would be used to show the order that specific traits evolved in a group of organisms? binomial nomenclature branchin


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(05.04 lc) which of these describes how traits are shown on a branching tree diagram? all the traits developed at the same time. the traits developed