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(04.03 mc) read and choose the option with the correct answer. i am paola, and i live in orlando, florida. my family used to go to a lot of weddings in puerto rico when i was young. before the wedding, the bride and groom would not see each other because it was bad luck. that's similar to what i know about weddings in the united states. in puerto rico before entering the reception, the guests received small gifts or keepsakes. the tables at the reception had dolls dressed like the bride as part of the decorations. during the reception, the guests danced traditional puerto rican dances. finally, they ate rice with pigeon peas, puerto rican-style tamales, and wedding cake that was beautifully decorated. based on the text, if paola wanted a more traditional puerto rican wedding, what would she include? question 14 options: large presents cookies salsa dancing fish or seafood Get the answer
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(04.03 mc)the probability that barry bonds hits a home run on any given at-bat is 0.16, and each at-bat is independent.part a: what is the probability


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(04.04 lc) on a coordinate grid, point l is at (?4, 4) and point s is at (8, 4). the distance (in units) between points l and s is . input only whole


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(04.04 mc) a satellite dish is being designed so that it can pick up radio waves coming from space. the satellite dish will be in the shape of a para