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(02.03 lc) a scientist studied four pieces of fossil evidence that show the evolution of the modern-day man. these date back to 2 million years, 1 million years, 0.5 million years, and 0.25 million years ago. which fossil is the least similar to the modern-day man? o 0.25 million years o 0.5 million years o 1 million years o2 million years 9/2/2021 Get the answer
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(02.03 mc) which of the following is an example of an electromagnetic wave? 1)red light 2)ocean waves 3)sound waves 4)earthquakes


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(02.03 mc) which statement correctly summarizes the colonists' reaction and outcome of the townshend act? (4 points) a some petitioned and boycotted t


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(02.03 mc) triangle adb, point c lies on segment ab and forms segment cd, angle acd measures 90 degrees. point a is labeled jungle gym and point b is