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(02.01, 02.02 hc) graph a triangle (stu) and reflect it over the y-axis to create triangle s?t?u?. describe the transformation using words. make sure you refer to the characteristics and the coordinates. draw a line segment from point s to the reflecting line, and then draw a line segment from point s? to the reflecting line. what do you notice about the two line segments you drew? do you think you would notice the same characteristics if you drew the line segment connecting t with the reflecting line and then t? with the reflecting line? how do you know? Get the answer
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Hedda Galya 55 Minutes ago

(02.02 hc) escucha, lee y escoge la opción correcta. listen, read, and choose the correct option. 0:00 10:20 based on the audio, what class does an


Sagi Boris 1 Hours ago

(02.02 hc) briana is writing a list of facts about mutations in dna sequences, but she has made a mistake on her list. which line is incorrect? 1. m


Valko Tomer 1 Hours ago

(02.02 lc) the constitution reflects the principle "republicanism" because it (3 points) ?? required the first president to be from a specific polit