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(02.01 hc) fossil evidence has been used to understand the movement of continental plates. a particular species of animal onginated in asia during the cretaceous period it was able to spread across touching landmasses, but not across oceans, predict which of the following could be true of its fossils, using the figure below Get the answer
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(02.01 lc) atoy has coordinates t(-3, 4), o (-4,1), and y (-2,3). a translation maps point t to t' (-1, 1). find the coordinates of o' and y' under th


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(02.01 lc) which relationship occurs when organisms need the same resource that is in limited supply? group of answer choices commensalism competiti


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(02.01 mc) juan is writing a new program using python and wants to make sure each step is located on its own line. which principal of programming i