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(01.02 hc)a jar contains 0.85 liter of strawberry juice and 0.50 liter of mango juice. celina poured 0.15 liter of watermelon juice into the jar. she then drank 0.30 liter of the mixture. part a: write an expression to represent the total amount of juice left in the jar. (5 points) part b: simplify the expression and identify which property is used in each step. (5 points) Get the answer
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(01.02 lc) read each incomplete sentence. choose the option with the correct word or phrase that completes the sentence.in the lesson, maarit and her


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(01.02 lc) which of the following is a force acting between objects that do not touch? (3 points) normal force frictional force electrical force appl


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(01.02 lc) which of the following is true about the mass of an object? it decreases if weight increases. it cannot be measured accurately. it is the