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((asap)) you guys i’m slow idk using the underlined words, what change, if any, should be made to the sentence? these events for which friar laurence is at fault is the true cause of romeo and juliet's untimely deaths. a change "events" to "event" b change "is" to "are" c change "cause" to "causes" d make no change Get the answer
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Abraham Uilleam 55 Minutes ago

((help please)) why might a cd be a more reliable way to copy and distribute a sound recording than a vinyl record


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((~ ^^ help me out? ^^ ~)) read the stanza from "twelfth song of thunder.” the voice that beautifies the land! the voice below; the voice of the gras


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() what is the relationship between the two shapes? a. they are similar and congruent. b. they are similar but not congruent. c. they are congruen