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( 25 points answer correctly) rewrite g(x) = 3x^2 -3x + 3 1/4 in vertex form. what is the maximum or minimum value that the graph function takes? Get the answer
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Torquil Vilhelm 55 Minutes ago

( 50 pts alert) and i will report uu if uu didnt give it ur best quess im not bad if uu try!!!which of these best completes the table?a) assault b) bu


Giiwedin Frigyes 1 Hours ago

( 50 pts ) please help easy question find the inverse function for f (x)=(x+1) - 2. of(x)=-2-1 of(x)= x+2-1 of(x)= *x+1-2 of(x)=*x+1


Ehud Raghnall 1 Hours ago

( 5th grade math) two different containers with coins each have a volume of 500 ml. one container is full of quarters and the other container is full