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't??ng ng??i d??i nguy?t chén ??ng tin s??ng lu?ng nh?ng rày trông mai ch? bên tr?i góc b? b? v? t?m son g?t r?a bao gi? cho phai' hãy vi?t kho?ng 12 câu theo mô hình t?ng phân h?p nêu c?m nh?n c?a em v? ?o?n th? trên trong ?o?n có dùng phép liên k?t th? và m?t thành ph?n c?m thán Get the answer
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Mona Eva 55 Minutes ago

'which of the following is not a true statement about andrew johnson?' a. was a former slaveholder b. was rigid and uncompromising c. was a pro-union


Valko Tomer 1 Hours ago

'which statement correctly contrasts the experiences of africans and indigenous peoples in spanish territories in the new world? a. colonists develop


Sagi Boris 1 Hours ago

'x' years ago, rakesh's age was twice his brother's age and '4x' years ago, rakesh's age was thrice his brother's age. if it is known that 'x' is a na