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< question 3 of 4 nate the skate was an avid physics student whose main non-physics interest in life was high-speed skateboarding. in particular, nate would often don a protective suit of bounce-tex, which he invented, and after working up a high speed on his skateboard, would collide with some object. in this way, he got a gut feel for the physical properties of collisions and succeeded in combining his two passions. on one occasion, the skate, with a mass of 117 kg, including his armor, hurled himself against a 825 kg stationary statue of isaac newton in a perfectly elastic linear collision. as a result, isaac started moving at 1.95 m/s and nate bounced backward. what were nate's speeds immediately before and after the collision? (enter positive numbers). ignore friction with the ground. Get the answer
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< > id 4. identify one gap on the graph: length of time to complete homework + 2 4 0 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 time in minutes ok


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< > 4 based on what the reader learns about hugh's life in africa in the previous paragraphs, what is ironic about the narrator feeling “jealou


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< < 61 8 9 1011 12 13 write an inequality to describe the relationship between – 14 and -1. writer + write an inequality to describe the relati