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>> which of the following sentences from the passage uses snob appeal as a persuasive technique? stylin' shades' feather-weight frames rest lightly on your face. sliding on a pair of stylin' shades puts you in a class by yourself. friends won't have to ask, "are those stylin' shades?" stylin' shades are as good for your eyes as they are for your fashion sense. Get the answer
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>please help me, been stuck on for a while : assess the textual evidence to determine the best choice to support the claim that in "the most danger


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< 3. why did the algonquins become allies with the french? select all that apply. (2 points) athey were afraid that the french would take their l


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< 6 of 9 next > practice 71.05 problem 2.1 x ivory created a scaled copy of rectangle a. t the area of ivory's scaled copy is 48 square units.