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> 23. read these sentence fragments from paragraph 3. takes comfort in knowing we're on the best route. according to the navigation software, anyway. the author is implying that - a. travelers may experience something from a drive that computers can't predict b. navigation software has become more reliable c. driving in unfamiliar places should make people uncomfortable d. uncertainty leads to navigational difficulties Get the answer
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> there are 60 students in j. h.5.1 of thisnumber, one-third scored grade 1 in english,four-fifth scored grade 1 in mathematics. 3 ofthe students


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> what are the coordinates of each point after a reflection over the y-axis. a (-2,5) c (-9, 3) 1 2 b (-3, 1) 3


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> what day does adult lizabeth remember so clearly? how did lizabeth feel when she heard her dad cry? lizabeth's community can be described as wha