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#4: explain whether each of the following transactions results in a valid negotiation: a. arnold gives a negotiable check payable to bearer to betsy without indorsing it. b. golden indorses a negotiable promissory note payable to the order of golden, “pay to chambers and rambis, (signed) golden.” c. porter lost a negotiable check payable to his order. kersey found it and indorsed the back of the check as follows: “pay to drexler, (signed) kersey.” d. thomas indorsed a negotiable promissory note payable to the order of thomas, (signed) thomas,” and delivered it to sally. sally then wrote above thomas’s signature, “pay to sally.” e. margarita issued to poncho a negotiable promissory note payable to the order of poncho. poncho indorsed the note “pay to randy only, (signed) poncho” and sold it to randy. randy then sold the note to stephanie after indorsing it “pay to stephanie, (signed) randy.” Get the answer
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#5 james is wrapping a birthday gift for his mom. the box has a length of 4 feet, a width of 3 feet and a height of 1 foot. what is the exact amount


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#5) greg worked these hours last week: monday, 9; tuesday, 8 %; wednesday 9.25; thursday, 11; and friday 9 3/4. he works a 40 hour week with time a


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#5. a rock is thrown straight down with an initial velocity of 14.5 m/s from a cliff. what is the rock's displacement after 2.0 s? (acceleration due