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#2 jamal is an apprentice on a boat on long island sound. he is helping the captain collect samples of marine life for an environmental study, and the captain is teaching him about nautical navigation.when the boat leaves the environmental station, it will return to its home port 9 nautical miles away.ifthe boat maintains a constant speed of 15 knots (nautical miles per hour), how many minutes will thetrip take? Get the answer
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#2) the length of time people age 20-24 years spend driving per day is 52 minutes, with population standard deviation of 2.2 minutes. assume the time


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#2. an unsaturated solution will become more concentrated if you add more solute. decreasing the total volume of water in the solution also increases


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#21. are points p and g collinear? are they coplanar? i’ve been told they are both but i don’t see it. does someone care to elaborate?