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"with sincere heart and unpretended faith i [reject] . . . , and detest the aforesaid errors and heresies [of copernicus] and also every other error . . . contrary to the holy church, and i swear that in the future i will never again say or assert . . . anything that might cause a similar suspicion toward me."--galileo the best explanation as to why galileo made this statement is that he Get the answer
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Sagi Boris 55 Minutes ago

"without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?" -confucius what is the meaning of this quote? who wrote this quote and wh


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

"wow. what is that?" simon briem remembers calling out to his long-time friend, hillary green he and hillary had been friends since preschool, but the


Valko Tomer 1 Hours ago

"write a vba function that changes the cell value of e3. create a button on sheet 4 to increase the value by 1. name this button "higher". then create