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"2. in 2020, polar engines issued 125,000 shares of its $1 par common stock at $12 per share. on september 30, 2022 polar engines repurchased 15,000 shares at $17 per share to hold in treasury. finally, on july 31, 2023 polar engines resold 10,000 of its treasury stock for $20 per share. what is the dollar amount of treasury stock at the end of 2023?" Get the answer
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"a 15-year 3 1/2% treasury bond is quoted at 98-4 - 98-9. the bond pays interest on jan 1st. and jul. 1st. a customer sells 5m of the bonds. approxima


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"a 20-pound object is dropped from a 50-foot bridge onto the ground below it. a 50-pound object is dropped from a 100-foot cliff onto the ground below


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"a fight for american freedom" 1. what was george washington's most important accomplishment as a military commander? 2. why was french military assi