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"the right-handed twin accused his brother of murdering their mother, and their quarrels continued until it was time to bury their mother. with the help of their grandmother, they made her a grave. from her head grew the three sister plants: corn, beans, and squash. from her heart grew tobacco, which people still use to give thanks in ceremony. she is called 'our mother and the people dance and sing to her to make the plants grow." the myth attempts to explain Get the answer
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"the struggle took another crucial step forward in 1863 when president abraham lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation." which of these choices i


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"the success of american soldiers during world war i was largely credited to his leadership, as he trained soldiers prior to combat, preparing them f


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"the sun is 93 million miles away" is an example of: a.) semantic memory b.) explicit memory c.) procedural memory d.) episodic memory