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"the red kernel color in wheat is caused by the presence of at least one dominant allele in each of two independently segregating gene pairs (e. g., r_b_). wheat plants with rrbb genotypes have white kernels, and plants with genotypes r_bb and rrb_ have yellow kernels. you cross a plant homozygous for red kernels (rr bb) with a plant homozygous for white kernels. what are the relative proportions of the phenotypic classes expected in the f2 progeny after selfing the f1 progeny Get the answer
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"the smoke was so bad, i was suffocating. when the buildings toppled, it was like a volcano." read the quote and then answer the question below. what


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"the speaker was very english on the subject, and i learned that i belonged to an heroic band, and all that sort of thing, with abolitionism mixed in,


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"the struggle took another crucial step forward in 1863 when president abraham lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation." which of these choices i