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"the leadership of al qaeda has great influence in afghanistan and supports the taliban regime in controllingmost of that country. in afghanistan religion can only be practiced as their leaders dictate talso want tospeak tonight directly to muslims throughout the world. we respect your faith. it's practiced freely by manymillions of americans, and by millions more in countries that america counts as friends."excerpt from the address of president george w. bush to a joint session of congress, september 20, 2001, afterthe terrorist attacks of 9/11/01.president bush's remarks highlighted one of the most important rights guaranteed to us citizens, which has beencopied by many other countries. freedom of religion is guaranteed to american citizens bya)the first amendment to the constitution.eliminateb)the fifth amendment to the constitution.article 1 of the constitution.d)article 5 of the constitution. Get the answer
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"the majority of u. s. car owners still buy american cars."ideally, what would the sample be in the study thatgenerated this stat


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"the match head is supposed to stay unlit. what does this tell you about the temperature at the top of the burner , just inside the inner blue cone?"


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"the mean age of all students at the university has a 95% chance of falling between 21.3 and 24.6 years of age." this statement represents: