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"the character you appear to us in, is truly ridiculous. your friends,descriptions of your unlimited powers; but your proclamation has gicommissioner without authority. had your powers been ever so greapleased; because we had the same right which other nations had, tostates of america,' will sound as pompously in the world or in hischaracter of general washington will fill a page with as much lustremuch right to command the king and parliament in london to desiscommand the congress. only suppose how laughable such an edicmood, do but turn the tables upon yourself, and you will see how yawhich statement best describes this excerpt?it contains sentences with varied structures.oit contains sentences with similar structures.oit contains mostly run-on sentences.it contains fused sentences and comma splices. Get the answer
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"the constitution of india has not only listed fundamental rights, but has also prescribed remedies against their violation. " justify the statement w


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"the cook squatted in the bottom and looked with both eyes at the six inches of gunwale which separated him from the ocean. his sleeves were rolled o


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"the core inflation rate? . a. is equal to the cpi inflation rate b. has greater fluctuations than the cpi inflation rate c. is the rate of increase i