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"the ray kroc story." this account from the mcdonald's web site - mcdonald's routinely enters into contracts for franchise agreements. they should expect to encounter agency problems and resourceful enterprising maximizing people. the goals of a franchisee may not align with the policies of mcdonald's, and franchisees may not want to comply with prescribed operating practices. a well-run organization anticipates these possibilities and undertakes strategies and initiatives to prevent agency problems from occurring, and they also anticipate the possibility of non-compliance. provide three significant examples of management controls mcdonald's corporate management should consider when establishing management controls designed to promote goal congruence and increase the likelihood that a franchisee will comply with important operating standards developed at corporate and hamburger university. what provisions should mcdonald's management include in their franchise contracts in anticipation of situations when franchisees, who after acquiring a franchise, repeatedly fail to follow and implement important operating standards developed at corporate and hamburger university. Get the answer
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"the role of social media in thearab uprisings" by heather brown, emily guskin, and amymitchell.which statement best evaluates the effectiveness of th


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"the s&h construction company expects to have total sales next year totaling $ 14 comma 700 comma 000. in addition, the firm pays taxes at 35 perc


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"the secret presidential function" president clinton derives all his mystical power from a secret power function. this function is so secret that no o