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"the crab that played with the sea.” ‘was that well done?’ said the eldest magician. ‘yes,’ said the man. ‘but now we must go back to perak, and that is a weary way to paddle. if we had waited till pau amma had gone out of pusat tasek and come home, the water would have carried us there by itself.’ ‘you are lazy,’ said the eldest magician. ‘so your children shall be lazy. they shall be the laziest people in the world. they shall be called the malazy—the lazy people;’ and he held up his finger to the moon and said, ‘o fisherman, here is the man too lazy to row home. pull his canoe home with your line, fisherman.’ ‘no,’ said the man. ‘if i am to be lazy all my days, let the sea work for me twice a day for ever. that will save paddling.’ and the eldest magician laughed and said, ‘payah kun’ (that is right). and the rat of the moon stopped biting the line; and the fisherman let his line down till it touched the sea, and he pulled the whole deep sea along, past the island of bintang, past singapore, past malacca, past selangor, till the canoe whirled into the mouth of the perak river again. ‘kun?’ said the fisherman of the moon. ‘payah kun,’ said the eldest magician. ‘see now that you pull the sea twice a day and twice a night for ever, so that the malazy fishermen may be saved paddling. but be careful not to do it too hard, or i shall make a magic on you as i did to pau amma.’ then they all went up the perak river and went to bed, best beloved. from that day to this the moon has always pulled the sea up and down and made what we call the tides. sometimes the fisher of the sea pulls a little too hard, and then we get spring tides; and sometimes he pulls a little too softly, and then we get what are called neap-tides; but nearly always he is careful, because of the eldest magician. which conclusion about the eldest magician does this excerpt support? Get the answer
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Selma Yafa 55 Minutes ago

"the early history of the generation and use of steam" appeals mainly to: a. ethos b. logos c. pathos d. a combination of logos and ethos


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"the eastern division of xyz, inc. has operating income of $32,000 on sales revenue of $320,000. divisional operating assets are $160,000, and managem


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"the federal reserve has been aggressively expanding the money supply by using repurchase agreements in its open market operations. ignoring other fac