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"once a year, in the middle of january, rahman, the cabuliwallah, used to return to his own country, and as the time approached, he would be very busy, going from house to house collecting his debts. this year, however, he could always find time to come and see mini. it might have seemed to a stranger that there was some conspiracy between the two, for when he could not come in the morning, he would appear in the evening." what part of the plot is further developed by the explanation in this paragraph? oa) resolution ob) exposition oc) rising action od) falling action Get the answer
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"one year ago, the jenkins family fun center deposited $4,400 into an investment account for the purpose of buying new equipment four years from today


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"only one remains." ryan signals to his brother from his hiding place. matt nods in acknowledgement, spotting the last evil robot. "34 degrees." matt


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"opportunity" and "phoenix" are two of the robotic explorers on mars. opportunity landed at 2° south latitude, where mars’ radius is about 2110 miles.