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"many western firms that sold oil-refining technology to firms in gulf states now find themselves competing with these firms in the world oil market. this is an example of a. the firm entering into a turnkey project with a foreign enterprise, inadvertently creating a competitor b. the firm entering into a turnkey deal having no long-term interest in the foreign country c. the country subsequently proving to be a major market for the output of the process that has been exported d. selling the firm's process technology through a turnkey project which is also selling competitive advantage to potential competitors" Get the answer
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"marley wants to open a chain of coffee shops but needs some investors. her friend marc tells her that she should be sure that she satisfies the requi


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"martin spent a lot of time and money getting into the most exclusive country club. despite the fact that the golf course and other amenities turned o


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"marvel parts, inc., manufactures auto accessories. one of the company’s products is a set of seat covers that can be adjusted to fit nearly any small