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/v, match the following 1. amphicribal 2 cambium 3. amphivasal 4.xylem 5.phloem dracaena ,translocation of food ,fern ,secondary growth ,conduction of water Get the answer
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0 2. set up a proportion to solve for x in the following similar triangles. 18 12 24 x - 2 o= ? = -2 o =


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0 - zools 6) the mass of a motorcycle is 250 kg. what is? a) its weight on earth in newtons? b) its weight on the moon (in newtons)? ges c) the mass


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0 06 6 the vertices of a rectangle are given in the columns of the matrix r- 0 if 3x xr is found to 0 b 6 0 0 perform a transformation, what are the