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... the document so frantically cobbled together was stunning in its sweep and simplicity. never once mentioning king, nobility, or church, it declared the "natural, inalienable and sacred rights of man" to be the foundation of any and all government. it assigned sovereignty to the nation, not the king, and pronounced everyone equal before the law, thus opening positions to talent and merit and implicitly eliminating all privilege based on birth. more striking than any particular guarantee, however, was the universality of the claims made. references to "men," "man," "every man," "all men," "all citizens," "each citizen," "society," and "every society" dwarfed the single reference to the french people -lynn hunt, inventing human rights: a history, w. w. norton & company this passage discusses ideals most directly associated with the 1 2 golden age of islam reign of charlemagne reformation 3 4 enlightenment Get the answer
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... on the farm does good for your health. a. living b. having lived c. having living d. having been lived


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... to enact... just and equal laws [that] shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the colony -mayflower compact, 1620 rea


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... when in the wrought chest the wind blowing over and the sea heaving struck her danae) with fear, her cheeks not dry, she put her arm over perseus