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"indian camp" questions nick’s father probably had several reasons for wanting to take nick along on this trip to the indian camp. speculate on what those were. how old do you think that nick is in this story? what details from the story make you think that he is this age? in retrospect, do you think nick’s father regrets taking nick along? why or why not. how do you feel about nick’s father? is he loving or callous? confident or arrogant? explain and use quotes to support your opinion. is the reader meant to sympathize with the woman? which character are we meant to dislike? list story details that cause you to feel this way. in what ways is this a "classic" hemingway story? examine both writing style and subject matter. this story is actually one of a series featuring the protagonist nick adams. the entire story cycle is a coming of age, innocence-to-experience tale, as is each individual story. in what ways is this story a bildungsroman? how does your knowledge regarding the end of hemingway’s life affect your perceptions about the last few lines of the story? what do these lines tell us about hemingway? if every detail is so vital to hemningway’s terse prose, then why does he include the details of uncle george? what are they and why are they important? answers Get the answer
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"infant safe haven laws" provide all of the following except a. protection to unwanted babies from being abandoned or endangeredb. protection to the


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"integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching." what does this quote mean to you? frame your opinion around the current climate of


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"is there anything worse than being bored on a saturday night? well if you let wacky wally build an arcade that will be a thing of the past!" what rh