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. the cool co. offers vacation time to its employees. as of dec. 31, 2016 there were 700 weeks of vacation that had not been used. at that time, the average weekly payroll per employee was $900. during 2017, when those 700 weeks of vacation were taken (all in 2017). also, the cool co. employees earned/paid $31 million in wages for 2017 (including vacations earned and taken in 2017). please prepare journal entry (entries) (if needed) for the unused vacations as of 12/31/2016. also, prepare an entry for the wages of 2017 as well as vacations earned in 2016 but taken in 2017. Get the answer
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. the northwest territory is almost completely surrounded by major waterways. how would access to major waterways benefit the growth of new townships


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. the aim of this problem is to describe the automorphism group of an annulus, and in the process also answer the following question: when are two ann


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. the area of a square is 80 square meters. which best represents the length of one side of the square? a. 7.8 m c. 8.5 m b. 7.1 m d. 8.9 m help me