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. suppose the market for personal computers in country a is monopolistically competitive. country a exports as well as imports personal computers from the rest of the world. after full adjustment to the opening of trade, a firm in this industry which enjoys scale economies will: a. receive a higher price for its product. b. receive a lower price for its product. c. enjoy a greater market share. d. ultimately go out of business. 16. the clustering of Get the answer
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. sven divided 986 by 26 using partial quotients. explain how sven used the partial quotient strategy to solve this division problem


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. t'hi veus reflectit en algun aspecte? per què? fes una valoració del que penses de les culpabilitats que tenim les persones en els nostres conflicte


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. terry purchases an annuity with payments made at the beginning of each month for 36 payments. the monthly payments are a constant amount of 15 per m