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. neal makes a cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar. he uses 7 cups of water for every 3 cups of vinegar. write and use an equation to find how many more cups of vinegar he needs when he uses 7.5 cups of water than when he uses 4.5 cups of water. define the variables. (write an equation in the form y=kx, define what x & y represent) Get the answer
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. ninety-five percent of all redwoods have been cut down because of which industry? (1 point) fishing gold mining logging tourism


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. now look at the payback period of the hybrid model. use the difference between the cost of the hybrid model and the gasoline-engine model as the inv


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. o período colonial da história do brasil compreende de 1500 a 1808. corresponde às condições gerais presentes nos séculos xvi, xvii e primeira metad