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. morrie says, "there's a big confusion in this country over what we want versus what we need…you know what really gives you satisfaction? offering others what you have to give." (p. 126 in the actual novel) morrie is quite critical of the cultural emphasis on consumption and wealth. how do you respond to his thoughts about our culture? Get the answer
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. mr. rogers works at papa johns. he earns $600 per week plus $5 for each pizza he delivers. write an expression that gives the amount in dollars mr.


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. mr. sanchez comes to the desk to check out after seeing the provider. when laura tells him that his bill is $95, he complains that he only saw the p


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. mr. sanders sells boats and works on commission only, with no base salary. he earned $4,500 on the sale of a $27,000 boat. this commission income f