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. choose the word that has the stress pattern different from the others. 1. a. cucumber b. orchestra c. equation d. rivalry 2. a. entertainment b. celebration c. mausoleum d. experiment 3. a. separate b. disappear c. nominate d. socialize 4. a. recent b. ancient c. awake d. ethnic 5. a. appliance b. applicant c. pesticide d. institute Get the answer
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. clothing a store sells t-shirts for $12 each and sweatshirts for $15 each. you plan to spend $120 on t-shirts and sweatshirts. write and graph an


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. communication your cell phone company offers two text-messaging plans. one plan costs $.25 per text message, plus a monthly fee of $9. the other pla


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. compare and contrast the keynesian portion of the ad/as model with the classical portion of the ad/as model, and explain how the level of production