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. a research study about test anxiety will measure the change in heartrate of the test-taker. the researcher randomly assigns participants into one of two groups, either the test group or the no-test group (where the first group takes a timed test and the second group reads for the same amount of time). what is the operational definition of the independent variable Get the answer
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. a rock of mass 0.5 kg is launched straight up. a constant upward force of 405 n acted on the rock while it moved 25 cm upward starting from rest. ig


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. a rocket carrying fireworks is launched from a hill above a lake. the rocket will fall into lake after exploding at its maximum height. the rocket's


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. a school sports team contains 68 students. 33 do field events, 40 do track events, 23 do swimming, 14 do both field and track events, 8 do both swim