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. a candle is 4 inches tall and burns at the rate of 0.6 inch per hour. if the height of the candle after x hours is 1.5 inches, write an equation to represent the situation. then use this equation to find the expected number of hours in which the candle melted to 1.5 inches Get the answer
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. a coin is flipped 100 times and it lands on heads 61 times and tails 39 times. find the experimental probability that the coin lands on tails. expre


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. a coin is tossed three times, and the sequence of heads and tails is recorded.(a) determine the sample space, ?.(b) list the elements that make up t


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. a commercial refrigerator with refrigerant-134a as the working fluid is used to keep the refrigerated space at ?30°c by rejecting its waste heat to