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. khloe has $460 to spend at a bicycle store for some new gear and biking outfits. assume all prices listed include tax. she buys a new bicycle for $257.62. • she buys 2 bicycle reflectors for $18.19 each and a pair of bike gloves for $11.18. she plans to spend some or all of the money she has left to buy new biking outfits for $77.41 each. . write and solve an inequality which can be used to determine o, the number of outfits khloe can purchase while staying within her budget. Get the answer
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. read the passage. … into the dangerous world i leapt, helpless, naked, piping loud; … struggling in my father’s hands, striving against my swaddli


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. the first half of the twentieth century saw an increase in the development of railways, roadways, or airways. in the united states. after world w


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. the midpoint m of fg has coordinates (7, 19). point fhas coordinates (14, 18). find the coordinates of point g.