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-ty figure 4 a. identify the crop illustrated above. [1 mark] [2 marks) b. name the parts labelled i, ii, iii and iv. c. (i) which of the labelled parts of the crop illustrated is used for vegetative propagation. (ii) suggest two problems associated with the use of the partmentioned in (i) for vegetative Get the answer
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-translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. -four less than the product of 20 and a number -use the variable n to represent the unknown num


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-unit 1- using a number line, explain the result of the following scenario: (7.ns. 10) (pa.1., pa.1.b) "jamie made $20 babysitting and then spent $20


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-use the map on page 3 and the timeline on page 4 to help you describe the following city-states and kingdoms: - meroe: -axum: -ethiopia: -swahili: -