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-mr. wolfe likes to hunt deer in the fall. one day in november, federal agents show up at his door with a federal warrant and take all of his rifles he uses for hunting. the agents said that the government can take his guns away because they think mr. wolfe would use them for violent activities. the federal agents did not have any evidence. what amendment to the bill of rights was violated? o 3rd amendment: guarantees that the army cannot force homeowners to give them room and board 2nd amendment: protects the right to own guns 10th amendment: rights not listed in the constitution are reserved for the states 4th amendment: right against illegal search and seizures. Get the answer
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-rl circuit as shown in figure “12” where: r: resistance, r = 500 ohm. l: inductor, l = 50 henry. v: voltage, v = 100 v. i: current. q: for rl and rc


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-read the attached narrative prompt and then reread over the passage "the four dragons" to refresh your memory; as you read, take notes on the element


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-ready ask questions about stories - quiz level c kd) which detail helps answer the question about rica's problem? add the detaliate the chart. ques