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-- stink launchpad classroom english miguel luna -geometry q4 part b marco is making a kite, using sticks for its diagonals. one stick is 2 feet long and the other is 3 feet long. how much material will marco need to make the kite? 2 square feet 3 square feet 4 square feet 6 square feet done intro do000000000000 el. no me puedo ir al colegio porque estoy de camino Get the answer
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--- an atom of element x contains 15 electrons and 16 neutrons.(a). (i) state the mass number of x.(ii) write the electronic configuration of x.(b)


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--- 5. samantha and tony each bought some packs of stickers. samantha bought stickers with 8 stickers in each pack. tony bought stickers with 6 sticke


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--- yuvwuciu. n, which of these adjectives best describes bryan's language? check all of the boxes that apply. o confident pleading fearless io o o ti