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- prendel the ma direction of the forceur=we of sechers of rope that lift the loodi what is the buoyance force on 5kg solid object hasa density of 20000 kg/m3 when immerged in fluid having adensity of 500000 kg/m3?a) 12.5n b) 2on c) 24.50d) 40n Get the answer
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Hedda Galya 55 Minutes ago

- quan ?i?m c?a ch? ngh?a xã h?i khoa h?c v? giai c?p công nhân và s? m?nh l?ch s? th? gi?i c?a giai c?p công nhân; - ??c ?i?m c? b?n c?a giai c?p cô


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- read as you read lines 72-94, circle the repeated image. in the margin, explain why crane may have chosen to emphasize this image. consider what the


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- read the excerpt below and answer the question. at the beginning of the cultural revolution a teenage boy together with his classmates paraded their